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The Great Gift From My GF For New Year


It really surprises me when I receive a Swiss Patek Philippe watch as a New Year gift from my girlfriend whom I have just dated with for one month. I have to admit that I’m not so match her if only appearance is taking into consideration. But I’m very considerate and have a ton of patience, which may be the reason my girl pick me up among her numerous suitors. The fact is that it is too early to laugh.

I find that she seems not so into me when I stay with her. Though she never refuses me when I ask her out, she doesn’t look so happy too. No active responses from her are received when I speak with her. What’s worse, I’m definitely not a man knowing so much about girls. One time, when I really couldn’t find a more topic to interest her, I resort to my interest—Swiss watches. I told her with my favorite watch brand— Swiss Patek Philippe. Now I think it is really stupid to talk about watches with girls since few of them have interest in mechanism. And I’m sure that she is not an exception since she is almost speechless when I talk about Swiss Patek Philippe with great enthusiasm. That’s really the most awkward moment when I realized that I play a solo for almost one hour!

On the way home, I just thought that I ruined myself and our relationship.

Yet, nothing happened and no break-up calls came in. But I still feel in the balance since I really don’t know how she is thinking about me. I want a frank talk but I daren’t. Till the moment I get the Swiss Patek Philippe from her, my heart is “settled”. What a sweet girl she is!

I don’t know how long time I should wait before she accepts me as her husband now. But anyway it is a good beginning in 2014. What do you think?


Wear Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches

131219172115852822mabPatek Philippe, one of the top luxury watch brand has designed numerous gorgeous wristwatches for watch aficionados. If you keep your eyes on this brand, you may have got the news which reports that an Amagnetic Patek Philippe in the Bonhams’ auction achieves record-breaking price—£28,750

. It is hard to believe that a simple look vintage Patek deserves such a high price. No wonder wealth people love to collect famous watches, which is not only their interest but a kind of investment which may bring them great benefit. You never know what the watch you collect today will bring for you tomorrow. However, this is just the story for rich people. Fact is that many people have no money for a Patek Philippe. What they can do is to get cheap Patek Philippe replica watches.


In recent year, cheap Patek Philippe replica watches has become more and more popular among watch Patek Philippe fans. Affordable price, of course, is a key reason attracting consumers. Besides, the quality of replica Patek Philippe watches has become better and better by using durable materials and the application of state of the art watchmaking technology. It is no longer difficult for you to pick up a top replica from the cheap Patek Philippe watches market and it is hard for you to notice the difference between it and its real watch if you don’t observe them closely side by side.

Some people may worry that they will be very embarrassed once their adorable watches are recognized as replicas. Yet, such kind of worry is not necessary. Since besides same looks, cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches features polish and refined face, which makes them good-textured. It is not possible for non-watch experts to test that whether the watch is real nor not. 


Find The Right Dealer For Patek philippe Replica Watches


As a Patek Philippe watches fans, I have to say that this is a most incredible brand in the watch industry. It has been appealing to many watch enthusiasts because of its understated charm and unparalleled complications. Numerous appreciation and admiration for Patek philippe never stop from its fans. But it is unfortunately that this luxury brand is never available with low prices.

Happy ending is that you can still get cheap Patek philippe, i.e. Patek philippe replica watches. It may ask more of you effort if you want best Patek philippe replica watches. It is a trend to buy replica watches today so if you are also one of them, I don’t want to upset you by telling you long story about Patek philippe. Though the upsurge of replica watches are initialed in recent years, they seems to occupy market share rapidly and permeate every corner of the world (internet help a lot). So nowadays you can easily find a replica watch store for Patek philippe replica watches. Problem is how to tell good replica dealer from the bad one. Some people may feel confused why I say dealer but not watches themselves.

If you are knowledge about the replica watch market, you’ll realize that the Patek philippe replica watches of different replica dealers are sourced from same factories. If you get two dealers for a same model and the prices of the model are almost the same, you don’t need to consider which replica is better since under most these circumstances the two models are the same. What you should pay attention to is which dealer is more trusted and more responsible. Getting a responsible dealer is a critical step to guarantee a happy shopping. Trusted Patek philippe replica watches seller not only offer quality replicas for you but also provides best customer support like quick email reply and refund and so on.